The Power of Music

Music is capable of breaking boundaries. It unites people from different backgrounds, cultural heritage, race or religion.

Music can warm our souls, inspire us, calm and improve our moods. It can help distract us away from personal pain as well as motivate our body and mind. However, it may trigger in some people, a negative response, or emotional upset.

Some Holistic therapists including Hypnotherapist’s use soft calming music to relax the client as they experience relaxation. Whether it is ‘chime bells, soft waves along a beach or gentle noise of the wind on a summers day, the music will set the scene for a wonderful relaxing time in some people, not all.

It is not selfish to want to sit and recharge your batteries with a quiet moment of peace or some kind of music or a song. This is of major benefit to you and your health, helping you to think better, cope better and become calmer.

You could set aside a very short time to ‘be quiet’ or listen to your favourite piece of music or song.....making yourself comfortable in a chair or laying on a rug, closing your eyes and just let your mind wander along the pathway of the song or music. Why not give it a try?

What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts

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